A World Wanderer and Amateur Historian
The site features photographs (and will eventually feature paintings) from travels around the world, beginning with the North Coast of California (home base), dozens of states, and 25 countries including Japan, Thailand, French Polynesia, Australia, France, Greece, Italy, England, Ireland, Wales, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mexico, kayaking in cold waters through the San Juan Islands and warm waters in the Sea of Cortez, and floating on cruise ships throughout the Mediterranean and Carribbean . . . mustn’t forget the Channel Islands — both of them — off the coast of California and in the English Channel.

Travel is fascinating. My daughter was invited to attend a wedding in Manila. While she has been to more than 30 countries, this was her first international trip on her own and she ran into financial issues because some smaller places will not accept credit or debit cards.

That reminded me of being stuck in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico years ago. Basically, the hotel charged a week's stay when I checked in. My bank had placed a hold on the funds and because it was a Sunday, I could not reach the bank to remove the freeze and my credit lines were then very small. My brother wired money to get us home from Mexico. We learned to ALWAYS have a back-up plan.


° The Maritime Heritage Project ° Paul McHugh, Writer

° Prosper in Pajamas ° Spud Point Crab ° Wisdom to change

° Valley of Dragons: China The Dragon and Dragons of Cymru

Awards, Exhibitions, etc.


California National Photographers Association

California Book Publishers Association

The Maritime Heritage Project

D. A. Levy, Photographer
and . . .

Award from the City of San Francisco for public relations and management of The Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund and The Fourth of July Waterfront Festival.

Plaques/Awards from Bay Area counties for work with the Season of Sharing Fund.


Since 1970: Currently through
World Images Gallery
Illustrations and Photography
offered in various mediums and as gift items such as cell phone covers, designer pillows, canvas bags, and duvet covers.

Art cards at shops and galleries in California Coastal cities, both seaside and inland waterways.

Exhibitions: Crow quill pen and ink illustrations in Northern California galleries, and available at street fairs and festivals in cities aligning Carquinez Strait, Vallejo and Benicia .

1980: Exhibition of award-winning storm photos at Stinson Beach Gallery.


A liberal arts, English-lit sort of person. No degree. Too curious. Too restless.

Amazing career paths, which included Castle & Cooke when they were building the Sea Ranch on California's North Coast, Lucky Breweries (as Miss Lucky - seriously), Desmond Muirhead Architects on a sinking barge in Sausalito during the late '60s (a full-time marine architect was on staff, along with a rumored dealer or two), and my all-time favorite place to work: The San Francisco Chronicle.

I actually had an opportunity to join the team of photographers at The Chronicle, which I would have been honored to do. However . . .

Summer at Oxford University

The offer to join the team coincided with an acceptance to a summer session at Oxford University in England which was encouraged by the wonderful Bill Hogan, Book Editor and my manager at the paper.

Oxford won, and while I regret missing being on the photo team, a few of my best travel stories come from Oxford. In addition to a certificate from Oxford, I was invited to visit the quarters of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll, author of “Alice in Wonderland”), at one time a Don at Christchurch in Oxford. During his tenure, he wrote “Alice.” Alice was his daughter and the Cheshire cat was her feline who slept atop the gate to the garden. That was amazing. Purportedly, Dodge’s cohorts were experimenting with drugs such as cocaine and opium, which enhanced the mathematical genius of his book.

Those intense weeks at Oxford included hopping trains with two schoolteachers from Southern California and drinking way too much very old Glenlevit in a biker bar near the Old Gate with Black Sabbath playing on a classic jukebox.

The weekend also included photographing a robbery-under-way in Salisbury. One has to be open to opportunity and Chronicle photogs taught me to shoot. Adjust as you go if need be, but shoot: Thinking CAN and DOES get in the way of the moment.


Rainy Season in the Tropics,
Frederich Church, 1866
(Quality reproductions are available by clicking on the image)

Frederich Church's Rainy Season in the Tropics (above) hangs in San Francisco's DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. As children, we spent many years in the City's fine museums and galleries. Of all the images enjoyed through the years, Church's painting remains prominent.

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

Reading departure signs in some big airport
Reminds me of the places I've been
Visions of good times that brought so much pleasure
Makes me want to go back again

Jimmy Buffett

Clippers Race to San Francisco 1800s.

Our family includes sea captains, which is how the world wandering started. For 15 years, I have been building a tribute to those captains on the internationally well-regarded Maritime Heritage Project which features world port history and lists of passengers arriving in San Francisco during the 1800s.

Through the bus window while touring Ireland.

Accepted a buyout from a major newspaper in 2000. The question posed to the family was "Do we buy another house, send the kid to college, or wander the world for two months?" Wandering the world won. We started in Tahiti and eventually reached Japan.

Leafy Sea Dragon.

Fascinating subjects are often close to home. The leafy sea dragon above (an all-time favorite creature) is from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California . . . a few miles down the road.

The Room by Vincent Van Gogh.

Changes in Latitude.
Changes in Attitude.


Reflections . . . window displays and the reflections therein are intriquing.