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  • About Us

    Investor Relations is maintained and released by the Board Office of Liaoning Shuguang Automotive Group Co., Ltd., who provides real, accurate, timely and complete information about the Group for investors, so as to keep harmonious, close and positive interaction between the investors and the Group.

    If you have any suggestions or opinions on the operation and development of the Group, please feel free to contact us. We sincerely appreciate your long-term attention and support to the Group.

    Contact Us
    Securities Affairs Representative: Zhengyanfeng
    Address:Shunmai Jinzuan International Business Center,
                         A 52-2, South Section of East Third Ring Road,
                         Chaoyang District, Beijing.
    Postcode: 100000
    Telephone: 010-58312877
    Liaoning SG Automotive Group Co., Ltd
    Stock Information
    Stock Code:600303  Stock Abbreviation:曙光股份
    Company Name in Chinese:遼寧曙光汽車集團股份有限公司
    Company Name in English:LIAONI SG AUTOMOTIVE.,LTD
    Country of Incorporation:China Legal Representative:Hu Yongheng
    Address of Registration: No.50 Shuguang Road, Zhen'an District,
                                                          Dandong City, Liaoning Province
                                                          (postcode: 118001)
    Industrial and Commercial registration No:91210600120109772C
    Registered capital:675,604,211 yuan.
    Date of Establishmen:1995-12-11  Date of Stock Issuance:2000-12-11
    Number of Shares Issued:40million Date of Listing:2000-12-26