Prints, watercolors, oil paintings.
Drawings and Paintings.

Crow Quill Pen and Ink.Through the years, many photo files have suffered in quality; they are being painted and/or drawn. Photographs are now being offered our Artist Rising Gallery.

To achieve fine detail, a favorite tool is a Crow Quill Pen (right) with Luma Dyes or inks.

The Artist's WayThe Artists Way by Julia Cameron.

Palettes: Butcher TraysArt Supplies.

Prints, watercolors, oil paintings.
Historical Research

Ongoing through The Maritime Heritage Project.

The Maritime Heritage Project was established by D. Blethen Adams Levy in 1998 to preserve maritime history during the 1800s with a focus on the port of San Francisco. This research has led to the inclusion of extensive passenger lists on the site and tours to more than 30 world ports, as reflected in the images on this site.

Photo Prints from Digital Files.

Photographs and Illustrations from our world travel are offered through our galleries at Fine Art America.

Leafy Sea Dragon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Photography and Art Tours

Experts are on location who know their cities, cameras and paints inside out. Shooting (or painting) with a group in ancient, dramatic, culturally-rich cities helps you to see more as everyone has different perspectives and different levels of expertise. You will see more than you ever imagined.

Professional guides around the world lead photo walking tours in ancient, dramatic, culturally-rich cities such as:

  • ~Amsterdam: Amsterdam is an easy city to navigate on your own, however, there are places you might be reluctant to go as a single traveler, such as the backstreets through the Red Light District -- which you really do NOT want to miss.
  • ~Cairo: Souqs, Mosques, Palaces.
  • ~Dublin Cultural Photography Tour
  • ~Florence, Italy: Tours around the exquisite City of Renaissance includes a focus on light and shadows, colors, forms, photographic techniques, "how to get the best photos in every situation," and "how to be always ready to capture the moment."
  • ~Istanbul: Beyazid Square, the Covered Bazaar, Sultanahmed Mosque, Eminou, Galata Bridge on Golden Horn...
  • ~Prague Castle Walk: Photograph medieval streets that few tourists know about.